Welcome to the Foundry Collective fan site where good design is appreciated.

The Foundry Collective was a web design and digital creative agency based in Oklahoma City by Paul Wilkes and Scott Hill.

Rooted in the art of creating beautiful things and founded in 2009, Foundry Co blended strong senses of style in both modern and vintage, applying a fresh approach to every project. In short, it was Foundry’s mission to provide beautiful, engaging aesthetics paired with relevant messages.

The Foundry Collective has now moved to..


Since moving to the new domain the Foundry Co is no more..

Scott Hill now runs StudioMast.co and has some awesome designs.

The F.C was originally a branding and digital agency that focused on good design.

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Below are some of our favorite designs created by the Foundry Collective..

The first one below is titled “Late Kitchen & Public House” And the lettering almost looks gold. It’s a very nice and clean design.


Next up we have this four armed gunslinger. He’s holding a gun in one hand, a cigar in another, a bottle of tequila or some booze in another and finally a glass in the last hand. I like the big mustache too. What a great design..


This next one is a logo for Urban Wine Works by the Foundry Collective and I just love the blue coloring. The blue and black go together really well.


The next pic by the FC that I thought was brilliant is this SPREADS image..


Also look at this portfolio of images created for the WIRED magazine. Again the FC did a great job with the colors as the made the yellow and pinks go together really well.


Next up on my list of favorite designs by the Foundry Collective is this one titled STAKEHOUSE for a new review of phenq company in San Francisco. It almost has a pink panther type feel to it..


Thanks for visiting and don’t forget the Foundry Collective has now CLOSED.